Why a Degree From a Fashion Design School Can Make Your Career

We’ve all seen articles about people who started a business with little or no college education. Many of these people started their businesses and went on to become extremely successful in their chosen field. While it is true that this can happen, these situations are few and far between.A college degree can be invaluable in specific careers such as fashion design. Fashion design is not a “glutted” field. However, obtaining a degree, especially one from a good fashion school, does not mean that you are limited to just one area of the industry. The courses you take can serve you well in all areas of fashion design.When you receive a degree from a fashion institute, it shows that you are serious about your career. By taking the time to obtain a degree, you are showing prospective employers and contacts that this is not just something you are “trying out”. It shows that you were willing to go the extra mile in order to be the best possible fashion designer you can be.Obtaining a degree shows you have more than just basic knowledge. It is true that fashion design has many facets, some of which cannot be learned from a book; however, some areas are just as academic as, say, any English or business course. And, the more you have learned about all aspects of fashion design, the more likely you are to succeed in any area of this field.Earning a degree shows you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. If you attend a quality, accredited fashion college, you will study just as hard as you would with any other degree, but you’ll be working on something that you have a passion for. Your courses will be demanding, and some of them may be totally different than what you may have expected. However, because you are serious about earning a degree, you will meet the challenges of your education head-on, just as you will the many situations that will arise when you embark on your chosen career.Your natural talent in fashion design will be nurtured and brought out. You may actually be concerned that attending fashion design school will stifle your natural talent and creativity. On the contrary, if you attend a good institution, your instructors will recognize your skills, and will help you develop them so that you can reach your highest potential.As you near the completion of your studies, you may have managed to build good rapport with many peers and professors. If this is the case, you will have many networking opportunities to explore. Further, you will have a great opportunity to build a support system that will later prove to be one of the best things about your career.

Why a Home Business May Be Right For You

I have been a home business owner since 1996. If you have ever considered a home business but have not moved forward with it, keep reading. For many people, a home business provides a lot of options that are not available to you when you work a traditional 8-5 job. Here are a few of the reasons why a home business may be right for you:
Flexibility – You get to set your own hours, make your own schedule, decide on your company dress code, make the rules, name the company, set the company philosophy, decide where your office will be located, etc. This was a huge factor for me!
Income – What many people don’t realize is that home business owners earn very respectable incomes from the comfort of their own houses. According to an IDC survey, the average annual income from a home business is $63,000; nearly 20,000 home based businesses earn six figure incomes. The money doesn’t happen overnight but for many people the income earned from a home business is comparable to or exceeds what they earn working for someone else.
Commute – Since your business is located in your home, the commute is probably about 10 seconds or less! Compared to the commutes that many people currently have, this is truly one of the benefits of a home business. This alone was a major factor for me considering I live in an area where the average commute is one of the longest in the country.
Physical location – Most people will locate their businesses in a spare room in their home. That way, you can separate your family space from your business space. Another benefit is that you don’t need to incur the additional expense of paying rent to lease an office. Many people can run their businesses with a laptop, Internet access and a cell phone. As a result, they can run their businesses from the backyard (while the kids are playing), pool side or from the local coffee shop. If you are the boss, you can make the rules!
Tax Advantages – When you start a business, you also qualify for many tax deductions that are not available to non business owners. Some of the expenses associated with your car and home may be deductible if you run a business. Many business owners that maintain a home office are able to take a deduction for that as well. Consult your tax professional to determine what tax deductions you qualify for.
Time with family – This is a huge reason why people begin home businesses. Since you get to set the schedule for your business, you can decide when you work and where you work. What that does is give you the flexibility and freedom to work when you want to work. You can make the business fit your life as opposed to making your life conform to a work schedule. No more missing the kids school plays. Wouldn’t it be great to go to school in the middle of the day to have lunch with your kids?I’ve outlined just a few of the many benefits of owning a home business. These were the things that were attractive to me when I considered becoming a business owner. I am glad that I moved forward with my decision.

5 Tools For Success to Start a Home Business

The thought of starting a home business can be a daunting one. Many realize that the home business industry can be a promising route, especially with employment being tough to find. Even when the economy was healthier, and work was as available as a fast food location, the thought of a job will make most people nauseous. The industry now, is hotter than it has ever been before. For those that anticipated the trend, great for you. For those that have not; this article is intended to inform you with the tools for success each aspiring home business owner should have.1. So, what marketing system are you following?Want success? The key to starting a home business in any industry is the marketing. Finding a proven marketing system allows you to train, and constantly brush up on your marketing and advertising techniques. More importantly, a good marketing system is duplicatable. All successful corporations follow systems, and this is how their financial statements are able to stay I the black. The system is first tested, implemented, and passed down through the ranks. Most businesses involve network marketing. Even if you’re a master of your craft, if you cannot create duplication of what works to your team the profits will be far and few. Like auto-responders, you can search online for “effective marketing systems” and find many.2. Mentors are highly necessary; get one…or two.Coming into this industry, it can be tempting to become a lone ranger. When starting a home business, however, it will be vital that you locate a mentor in the same industry as you. If not in the same industry, at least one that has experience with the ups and downs of home business. A good mentor will be concerned with your successes as well as your failures. In most cases a mentor will be more beneficial to you than a friend you went to school with.More often than not. These “friends” will not have a clue as to what comes with home business ownership. Their advise may irrational, premature, or even ignorant. Because your mentor has been there, what may be shocking to you in the growing stages of the business won’t ultimately paralyze you. If you hope to be a successful business owner learn to surround yourself with positive people with drive. A mentor is a great place to start.3. Expand your presence with a websiteAll home business owners need to have a blog or a website. Most network marketing home businesses such as Avon, Amway, and Mona Vie will provide you with at least one website. This is great, but here’s one problem; you, along with everyone else in the company will have the same site. If starting a home business, a personal blog or website gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Most company sites also don’t give you the freedom to be flexible. With your own blog (or website) you have the ability to put as much, or as little, content on the page as you wish. You can use the page to build a list of prospects, or you can even place a small bio about yourself or your company.4. Find yourself a reliable auto-responderEvery successful home business owner would tell you; your auto-responder should be the sharpest tool in your shed. After starting a home business, you’ll quickly realize that this tool can be considered as the e-secretary for your business. An auto-responder allows the business owner to generate and manage prospects for their operation. Experts will tell you that without a consistent supply of prospects to show your business to, nothing will grow. Well, except for your frustration. Your auto-responder not only manages your prospect list while it grows, but it communicates with them automatically. A mentor once said, “Your auto-responder will be the most underpaid and under appreciated person in your company.” A simple internet search for “auto-responders” will reveal several great providers. I rely on AWeber, which many will argue is the leader of the pack.5. Become Too Legit to QuitDeveloping a spirit of determination and resilience may be the most under-rated trait a home business owner can have. Sadly, most new entrepreneurs believe that if they don’t see desired results within 90 days they’re a failure. Prior to joining any network marketing opportunity, or starting a home business, get this notion out of your head. It took even some of today’s most profitable companies years to turn their first profit. When you find the right home business, always keep the “ABM” acronym in mind; always be marketing. Make it a part of your daily life. In fact, never stop learning from your mentor. Be consistent with your business, and continuously grow your personal development.Creating success, and even wealth by using home businesses can be made possible by anyone. The best thing about having a home business is that it doesn’t discriminate. Your background doesn’t matter, nor does your education. As long as you have a plan, stick to it, and keep the tools for success, you will be able to create the financial freedom most only dream about